Eric Lefkofsky is Promoting Technology in Healthcare

Doctors knew that very little information on cancer is available to them. But there was not much that they could have done about it. This is because there are a lot of cancer patients all across the country. Still, no comprehensive data is available about them in one place. This impacted the doctors as they had no access to any data to provide them information regarding a treatment plan or any other similar issue. But this was impacting the cancer patients the maximum.

Eric Lefkofsky had this realization when his wife was diagnosed with breast cancer. This was when he started looking for more information with regard to cancer diagnosis. He realized that there was hardly any data or analysis available that was related to cancer or its treatment.

Hence Eric Lefkofsky had the idea of an operating platform that could collate data from across the country on patients who were suffering from cancer. This is the way Tempus was founded. Eric Lefkofsky also added an analyzing service here. This would analyze the treatment plans, along with the drugs being administered as well as the genetic makeup of patients. This way a variety of treatment options were made available to the doctors. They could pick and choose whatever they wanted as per their particular patient.

Any doctor who wanted to change any drug for a particular patient could now check its impact on some other patient who may have had a similar medical condition as well as genetic makeup. The doctor would know the impact besides the side effects of that drug without even administering it to their patient. Hence it can be a real blessing as the doctor as well as the patient will be prepared for the possible outcomes beforehand and learn more about Eric.

Eric Lefkofsky is excited with his venture as he has brought in technology for treating cancer. This kind of combining technology along with health care will benefit the patients immensely.

Tempus is privately held and operated. Thus Eric Lefkofsky is not answerable to any shareholders since it is a private company. Tempus is a personal business for Eric Lefkofsky, and he has aligned each part of his family to it and more information click here.

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