The Richard Mishaan Design Has Always Been a Pacesetter in Interior Décor and Design

Richard Mishaan Design is one of the world leading interior design firms in the industry. The New York-based company has been in the industry for more than two decades. The founder of the business is Richard Mishaan, who is a renowned designer. He also works as the chief designer for the firm. The Richard Mishaan Design firm offers three categories of services namely architecture, interior design, and landscape. It has also extended its services to include branding and marketing. Its high-end designs attract clients of high caliber in hospitality, residential, and commercial industries.


Cartagena Home Project


Richard Mishaan Design has worked on numerous projects that have a breath-taking result. One such project is his Cartagena home. What makes it the favorite are the high-end designs that are used in the decorations. They include Mishaan’s designed neutral furniture, Colombian objects, and colorful ikats. The interiors are also made of old Brazilian wood. His ability to change the rooms from small to larger sizes when he bought the property is also commendable. Richard Mishaan Design has always endeavored to give the best to its clients. It has learned over the years to contextualize the customers’ needs to ensure that they are fully satisfied. Another winning trait for the firm is the ability to hold itself from imposing its ideas on the client. It rather goes with what the customer wants while giving its professional advice.


Awards and Books Authored


The Richard Mishaan Design has been recognized internationally. The firm has always been in the A-list of the AD 100 and Elle Décor. Richard Mishaan, the principal designer of the company, has always endeavored to share his knowledge in décor with other people. He has authored two books that detail the modern way of doing interior décor. They also entail his belief in combining art and good furniture to come up with an exquisite interior décor. These books include the Modern Luxury and Artfully Modern.