Securus Technologies keeps customers happy in a tough market

All businesses strive to keep their customers happy. This can often be a more difficult task than it, at first, appears. Sometimes, a business has multiple customer groups that are often diametrically opposed to each other’s interests. Nowhere is this more the case than in the prison system, where companies, such as Securus Technologies, struggle to keep both sides of the business happy.


Arguably, the most important group of customers that Securus serves is the inmates themselves. Inmates typically are looking to make the cheapest possible phone calls with the highest possible quality. The main point of contention that inmates have with calling services is the amount of money they’re charged both for per minute charges as well as for fees associated with running the prison calling accounts. On both these points, Securus has proven itself to be a leader in the prison industry, giving inmates a fair shake at almost every institution where it does business. However, in some cases, Securus is being charged so much in commissions by the institution where it does business that it cannot pass a reasonable rate on to its customers. But these situations are relatively rare.


In fact, Securus is often able to pay up to 70 percent commission or more on all telephone revenues within the prisons where it does business back to the institutions themselves, making for an incredibly lucrative source of revenue for the facilities. This works out very nicely for Securus’ second most important group of customers: the prisons, their staff and the administrators. This group of customers is often more demanding than the inmates themselves, seeking a high degree of security as well as high percentage commission on all calling revenues.


Overall, Securus has done an admirable job of satisfying both of these disparate customer groups’ needs. By delivering a national average cost to inmates of just $0.15 per minute on outgoing calls, Securus has become the leading video visitation provider in the United States.


Securus Technologies Keeping Officers Safe on the Street

I work on a task force that is responsible for bringing escaped inmates back to the jail. The biggest issue that we have to deal with on a regular basis is that most of these inmates have nothing to lose when they are out on the streets. If they escaped and were facing life or worse, then on the street taking another life means nothing to these escapees.


In addition to being extremely careful while we hunt these criminals, we need to rely on accurate information because we have to get one step ahead of the suspect or we are putting many civilians in the line of fire if this suspect is not found quickly. When we get tips, we have to follow up on them, no matter how wild or extreme they may seem.


To that point, many criminals have a network protecting them that will call the police and make false sighting reports in an effort to keep the scent off the suspect. This can slow down our progress and make for a very frustrating pursuit.


At the local jail, Securus Technologies had installed a new inmate communication that was allowing officers to get back control of the jails, and they had a software that was going to make our job easier.


The covert alert feature that we used in the new software is invaluable in tracking down these inmates. They have to use the phones to call their family, friends, or gang members. Now we can use that software to pick up on unique conversations that are helping to point out who is helping and where the inmate is going next.


This year already I have closed 3 cold cases thanks to the covert alert feature and we hope to break all sorts of record in captures this year.