Dick DeVos Leads in Philanthropy and Leadership in Business

Dick DeVos has been a target of increased criticisms and attention for their generous and astronomical political donations together with his wife, Betsy DeVos. Their charitable gifts of $139 million surpassed the political donations. 2015 reports indicate that Dick DeVos donated $ 11.6 million to charity, which is double their political contribution for the last five years.


The couple’s family has been part of the Republican politics for many decades now, a tradition they wish to continue as a family dynasty. The senior DeVos also gave out a whopping $104 million to charity in 2015, seeing the DeVos’ entire family ranked 24th by Forbes on America’s Top Givers List.


The estimation by Forbes is that the available data shows the family has invested a quarter of their $5.2 billion fortune to charity, or in value, 1.33 billion. Dick DeVos’ wife, Betsy DeVos comes from a politically wealthy family back in Holland. The family is well-known for charity giving.


Dick’s main areas of interests

The philanthropy exhibited by Dick and Betsy shows that education is a priority. They are reported to have allotted $3million in 2015 to causes in education alone. That makes their education contributions that year to stand at 26 %.


Arts and Culture come next for the family’s interests. They donated $2.4 million to arts, which stood at 21 % of their 2015 donations. DeVos had initially given $22million to University of Maryland, mainly meant to establish the DeVos Institute of Management. The same was achieved by the support provided to Michael Kaiser’s art organizations.


DeVos commitment to leadership

The DeVos family is committed to fostering leadership empowerment and development. The initiative has been achieved by the donation given to Chicago church, Willow Creek, which received $1 million in 2013.They also funded the church’s international leadership summit where philanthropist Melinda Gates was a guest too.


Demonstration of leadership and business acumen

DeVos was trained as a helicopter pilot under the Harvard and Wharton program. He started work at Amway Corporation in 1974 and played key roles in various divisions. Ten years later he was appointed the vice president, with the primary roles being to oversee business operations in 18 countries. Many new markets were opened under his leadership, and the total foreign sales tripled exceeding the domestic sales.


Dick left when the corporation had grown to 50 % of the total annual profits. He rejoined Amway in 1993 as the president after leaving Orlando Magic as the vice president and CEO. Dick DeVos left to succeed his father who was retiring. He has proven to be a success in business and leadership.