An In-depth Look at the Best Ninja Anime Movies


Ninja anime movies are loved by many for the discipline levels displayed by their characters. They are based on assassination missions where the main characters attack the target in a well-orchestrated deadly move. The weaponry used in ninja anime movies appear simple but are sophisticated in their own way. They include, among others, Shuriken, Kunai, and Blow darts. Below are some of the top three most recent ninja anime movies.


Naruto Shippuden


Naruto Shippuden has been airing since 2002. It is characterized by long fighting sessions where shuriken and kunai weapons are used. The movie revolves around Naruto Uzumaki, a young boy who was rejected by his people for being abnormal. He later learns ninja skills and together with his friends, Sakura and Sasuke, they embark on a mission of charting their courses in life.




Basilisk aired from April to September 2015. It combines fighting scenes and love scenes, making it complicated in a good way. The movie revolved around an embattled kingdom in which two clans, the Kouga and the Iga, have a historical grudge between themselves. A wise king, Tokugawa Shogunate, rises to power and manages to foster peace between the two warring clans. When the king’s son succeeds him, war erupts again after a failed consensus of who among the former king’s grandsons will assume power from his son. The movie meets all thresholds for a fantastic film.


Nabari no Ou


Nabari no Ou aired between April and March 2008. It revolves around Rokojou Miharu, a school boy who is careless and bored by everything around him, including his life. Unknown to him, the boy has a special Shinrabanshou Jutsu condition. One of his classmates and a teacher are aware of this, and they coerce the young boy to join their clan ninjas. What ensues is a very exciting and breathtaking movie.