Doug Levitt Greyhound Bus Adventure Across the US

Why would anyone want to cross America by Greyhound bus? For Doug Levitt, it was an adventure to complete a project, that was part art and part book research. And during his 13 yeas of traveling the 120,000 miles by Greyhound bus he has encountered many people from every walk of life.

His interest in his project started taking shape when in 2004, he traveled by bus to undecided towns to register voters for John Kerry’s Democratic run. It was then that he met people of different political persuasions and social backgrounds. After the election he continued his discovery of America, crisscrossing the nation by way of the Greyhound and read full article.

What he discovered, through his own observations, the bus surrounded him by people who’s financial condition were on the poverty line, to others with addiction and mental illness, as well as his own mental issues.

During his long journeys people opened up about their own life story, and he in turn, opened up about his father’s suicide and trying to come to terms with the trauma that he has tried to resolve in his own mind since he was 16 and learn more about Doug.

Moreover, he feels he has a greater understanding of people from different walks of life, financial background and social persuasions. Noting that on a one-to-one basis, people do have compassion for one another and Doug of Twitter.

Doug Levitt graduated from Cornell University. Out of college, he began a career as a journalist for CNN. Then he changed course, moved to London, UK and began an art career. His art forms are diverse, ranging from music, novel and photographic forms to tell his story.

This artistic project through the Greyhound Bus, is still ongoing. His story, his art brings light to the unseen and underappreciated people of the US.