Paul Wesley’s Star Continues To Rise In The Film Industry

Paul Wesley

Paul Wesley is an American actor. The son of Polish immigrants, Wesley grew up in New Jersey. Wesley went to New York to pursue an acting career. Wesley starred on the soap opera Guiding Light while he was still in high school. Wesley soon realized that he could make a living as an actor.

Paul Wesley

Wesley’s breakthrough film was Before I Disappear, which Wesley helped produce. Wesley has been friends with the director, Shawn Christensen, since childhood. Before I Disappear is based off of the short film Curfew, which won an Oscar. Wesley believed that Curfew had potential as a full length film. Wesley felt that producing Before I Disappear was the next step in his progression. Initially, Wesley planned on just helping Christensen, but through the advancement of the story, a new character was created that gave Wesley the opportunity to act in the movie. Wesley plays a supporting character in Before I Disappear. Wesley’s next big role was in Amira & Sam, a romantic comedy that looks at issues such as immigration and life after the military.

Paul Wesley

Wesley made his stage debut in Cal in Camo. In order to successfully portray his character, Wesley created an imaginary universe and began to think about any losses that he may have suffered in his personal life. When comparing acting on television to theater, Wesley notes that there is less exposition in theater.

Wesley plans to continue directing television and perhaps a feature film. Film making is something that Wesley is passionate about, and he plans to continue evolving in the future. Wesley is also known for his philanthropy. He raised funds for the Humane Society of The United States on Multiple Occasions.

Statement about Upper Mountain Water Quality Released By Squaw Valley

About a year ago, Squaw Valley issued a statement in regards to bacteria (E. Coli and coliform) being detected in the water at the company’s upper mountain site.


The statement provided facts about the situation. In the statement, Squaw Valley mentioned how there was contamination in the upper site’s water because they had to upgrade the water system due to an unusual weather event. The statement continued to say the issue was limited to the upgraded system and no other water systems were affected. The public was never at risk of drinking the contaminated water, according to the company’s statement.


The appropriate agency was contacted after routine testing detected the problem. After the problem was detected, Squaw Valley officials consulted with water safety experts and they worked together to take care of the issue. They also said regular water usage at the upper mountain site wouldn’t return to normal until health officials and experts have assured them that the water was safe.


Squaw Valley said their customers’ safety was important to them and that they took the problem very seriously. They added that they take all safety issues at their resort very seriously. They also said that they would provide their guests with free bottled water and they would continue to provide the water until the water issue was fully resolved. The free bottled water would only be given to guests at the upper mountain site.


Squaw Valley assured their guests that they would be updated as soon as they learn when the issue has been resolved.