Daniel Mark Harrison: the Successful Career Man Who Wears Multiple Hats

For the two and a half years that Daniel Mark Harrison has sat at the helm of Monkey Capital, the blockchain venture capital firm has realized tremendous growth and success. As a managing partner in the company, he has been tasked with the responsibility of scaling up its hedge fund investments. Particularly, it is the responsibility of Daniel Mark Harrison to improve Blockchain and SpaceX supply among other contracts and systems.

Managing Monkey Capital 

Monkey Capital has a straight record of setting precedence in the world of investments. Other ICO companies, for example, rely on the precedence set by Monkey Capital to have their sales on pre-ICO options effective. The firm has over the years built a reputation of never misleading the industry and always being daring enough to try out new options for purposes of having the industry grow. In a nutshell, Monkey Capital is the company that gets the world of hedge fund management rotating.

When Daniel Mark Harrison founded Monkey Capital as a managing partner, he had his job well cut out for him. He started off by assembling a star-ridden management team that only required proper and expert leadership to set the ball rolling; Harrison provided exactly that. His achievements at the company have earned him recognition from across the board, including being featured by both national and international media outlets. A case in point, Chris Waltzek- a renowned US-based media personality- recently rated Monkey Capital at six out of five stars. Bearing in mind that Chris has in the past had the privilege of interviewing world’s greatest hedge fund managers like George Soros, such a high rating for Harrison’s endeavor is a clear reflection of the incredible achievements he has made.

About Daniel Mark Harrison

It is proven beyond any doubt that Daniel Mark Harrison is an efficient business executive and a great entrepreneur. That is however not all for him. Outside of the world of business, Harrison is a respected author, a qualified media expert, and a committed evangelist.

For slightly under two years between 1998 and 1999, Harrison was studying theology at the University of Oxford. He then proceeded to BI Norwegian Business School to pursue his MBA and graduated in 2006. Mark also holds a Master’s degree in Journalism, with a bias in business, from the New York University.

Besides being a managing partner at Monkey Capital, Harrison is the editor-in-chief at CoinSpeaker. He also serves as the CEO of DMH &Co. He is currently based in Singapore.

Jason Hope on the Future of Philanthropy

Jason Hope, the entrepreneur and noted futurist, recently sat down with Tech.co to highlight what the Internet has in store for the future of humanity. Unlike some of his contemporaries, Jason Hope has developed a positive outlook on how the Internet can impact society and significantly improve the lives of many people from around the globe.

Put simply, by having devices that can seamlessly connect with one another, Hope believes that globalization will help bolster efficiency and improve people’s quality of life. One of the main components of this argument hinges on the fact that corporations are investing in Internet-based technologies now more than ever, and if companies wish to stay competitive in the future, they’ll need to be aggressive about incorporating the Internet into their devices today. This push for greater connectivity has real world applications as well, as evidenced by the consistent improvement of healthcare, public transportation, and other utilities that people deal with on a daily basis.

For his part, Hope has been investing heavily in the digital tech industry for many years. As per his belief in its transformative properties for the world, Hope has poured a considerable amount of resources into developing mobile apps and other tools that are designed to improve people’s lives and learn more about Jason.

As an Arizona-based entrepreneur, Hope is uniquely suited to help deal with problems that face both urban and rural markets. By investing in digital technologies, which have obvious and immediate benefits for large groups of people in urban centers, Hope has also looked for ways to apply these same advances to areas that aren’t as easily connected to the rest of the world. Through his work with Tech.co, Hope has highlighted how better digital tools can save lives in rural areas, by improving GPS tracking speeds and emergency vehicle response times and Jason’s lacrosse camp.

Although the future can never be certain, at least it’s clear that entrepreneurs like Jason Hope are here to help center the focus of the digital revolution on improving people’s lives rather than a company’s bottom line and more information click here.

More visit: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SENS_Research_Foundation

CEO of Nabors Industries Tony Petrello Continually on the Rise

Anthony or Tony, Petrello, serves as the CEO of oil and drilling giant Nabors Industries Ltd. His path to that position has been one of accomplished success and read full article.

Petrello originally attended Yale University where he received a Bachelors and a Masters degree in Mathematics. He then went on to each a J.D. degree from Harvard Law School. After that, Tony Petrello joined prestigious law firm Baker & McKenzie. The firm focused on general corporate law as well as international arbitration and taxation. He was promoted to serve as the firm’s Managing Partner for their New York office – a very prominent position that he held from 1986 until 1991, when he chose to work with Nabors industries.

He has seen phenomenal success at Nabors Industries, serving as the company’s President and Chief Operating Office for a full two decades, from 1991 to 2011. He also serves as Deputy Chairman since 2004 and Chairman of the Board since June of 2012. He currently serves as the company’s Chief Executive Office. Continually, Petrello helps fuel the company’s success by utilizing his experience to guide strategic planning, which allows the company to stay on the cutting edge of innovation and planning in the competitive environment of oil and gas drilling.

For those that may not be familiar with Nabors, the company specializes in the world’s finest gas and oil drilling equipment. They also provide services to some of the largest drilling areas across the globe. They work with 20 different companies around the world and are known for being on the cutting edge of both product and market innovation as well as technology in the oil and gas industries. The company also touts a highly skilled workforce to accompany their line of drilling equipment and learn more about Tony.

Additionally, Petrello is a member of the Board of Trustees for Texas Children’s Hospital, where he utilized his experience to help power clinical research programs to aide kids that are suffering for neurological disorders. In that role he works passionate to drive innovation for these children. He is the director of Steward & Stevensen and of Hilcorp Energy and Tony’s lacrosse camp.

Other Reference: https://www.bcm.edu/news/genetics/brain-heart-link-explain-sudden-death-in-rett

Eric Lefkofsky is Promoting Technology in Healthcare

Doctors knew that very little information on cancer is available to them. But there was not much that they could have done about it. This is because there are a lot of cancer patients all across the country. Still, no comprehensive data is available about them in one place. This impacted the doctors as they had no access to any data to provide them information regarding a treatment plan or any other similar issue. But this was impacting the cancer patients the maximum.

Eric Lefkofsky had this realization when his wife was diagnosed with breast cancer. This was when he started looking for more information with regard to cancer diagnosis. He realized that there was hardly any data or analysis available that was related to cancer or its treatment.

Hence Eric Lefkofsky had the idea of an operating platform that could collate data from across the country on patients who were suffering from cancer. This is the way Tempus was founded. Eric Lefkofsky also added an analyzing service here. This would analyze the treatment plans, along with the drugs being administered as well as the genetic makeup of patients. This way a variety of treatment options were made available to the doctors. They could pick and choose whatever they wanted as per their particular patient.

Any doctor who wanted to change any drug for a particular patient could now check its impact on some other patient who may have had a similar medical condition as well as genetic makeup. The doctor would know the impact besides the side effects of that drug without even administering it to their patient. Hence it can be a real blessing as the doctor as well as the patient will be prepared for the possible outcomes beforehand and learn more about Eric.

Eric Lefkofsky is excited with his venture as he has brought in technology for treating cancer. This kind of combining technology along with health care will benefit the patients immensely.

Tempus is privately held and operated. Thus Eric Lefkofsky is not answerable to any shareholders since it is a private company. Tempus is a personal business for Eric Lefkofsky, and he has aligned each part of his family to it and more information click here.

More visit: https://twitter.com/lefkofsky

Doug Levitt Greyhound Bus Adventure Across the US

Why would anyone want to cross America by Greyhound bus? For Doug Levitt, it was an adventure to complete a project, that was part art and part book research. And during his 13 yeas of traveling the 120,000 miles by Greyhound bus he has encountered many people from every walk of life.

His interest in his project started taking shape when in 2004, he traveled by bus to undecided towns to register voters for John Kerry’s Democratic run. It was then that he met people of different political persuasions and social backgrounds. After the election he continued his discovery of America, crisscrossing the nation by way of the Greyhound and read full article.

What he discovered, through his own observations, the bus surrounded him by people who’s financial condition were on the poverty line, to others with addiction and mental illness, as well as his own mental issues.

During his long journeys people opened up about their own life story, and he in turn, opened up about his father’s suicide and trying to come to terms with the trauma that he has tried to resolve in his own mind since he was 16 and learn more about Doug.

Moreover, he feels he has a greater understanding of people from different walks of life, financial background and social persuasions. Noting that on a one-to-one basis, people do have compassion for one another and Doug of Twitter.

Doug Levitt graduated from Cornell University. Out of college, he began a career as a journalist for CNN. Then he changed course, moved to London, UK and began an art career. His art forms are diverse, ranging from music, novel and photographic forms to tell his story.

This artistic project through the Greyhound Bus, is still ongoing. His story, his art brings light to the unseen and underappreciated people of the US.

How Online Reputation Management Helps Your Business To Grow

The reputation your business has gained over the years determines what it will achieve in coming years. If the journey has been marred by challenges and bad press, there is high likelihood the business will be losing many customers due to the bad mentions. The online market is dynamic and a slight mistake can be shared across all networks within minutes. Transacting online is also one of the best ideas for a business since the market is huge and there are millions of customers looking for the kind of products you stock.

To keep your online reputation in check, you need to first work on your social media presence. Let as many people as possible understand your business and its offerings. You should also wok on creating a huge fan base on social sites like Facebook. Once you share interesting information they can share to their followers and friends, who in turn are likely to join your page. There are many benefits that come with a good online reputation that you can reap through social media.

Increased visibility

Having more exposure is a good thing for a business and works by boosting its reputation. There are many people who don’t know about your business but through positive press they can come to terms with the kind of items you deal in. Always share information that is interesting and engage less marketing because it may become too cliché to some people. First work on getting a huge fan base. All these can be achieved if the business builds a god reputation through an online reputation management strategy.

More sales

Once the business gets many followers, you can have your products and services viewed by many people, which translates to higher chances of them ordering the products you stock. People trust a well-reputed business and will not doubt the quality of all the products shared, so once you manage to build a solid reputation, your business will be in a good position to connect with more customers and make more sales in the process. Therefore, having an online reputation management strategy is a necessary idea that one should never ignore.