Daniel Taub: The Advocate and Ambassador

Daniel Taub was the Israeli Ambassador to the United Kingdom from June of 2011 to September 2015. In the article, “Farewell, Mr. Ambassador: Interview with Daniel Taub” posted on Thejc.com the author discusses the tremendous sacrifice that Taub made to serve both the countries of Israel and the United Kingdom. The author also discusses the implications of his servitude as he exits his famous, but the temporary office. Having been born in the United Kingdom, Taub politely gave up his citizenship so that he could serve as the ambassador for Israel. Taub looked at this sacrifice in a very enlightened way say that not only was he able to now raise his own children in his cultural homeland, but he was able to pay both countries back for the amazing opportunities they have provided him with.


Daniel Taub stated that he wanted to use the time that he served as ambassador to bring the two countries together and he felt as though he accomplished that goal. In fact, there have been some who have compared the work that he did in his office to that of Shlomo Argov, another great Israeli Ambassador. Taub took his position very seriously because of the persistent crisis that is always looming in the Middle East. The friendship between Israel and the United Kingdom is pivotal because, in a lot of ways, British media is absorbed around the world. Taub simply used his position to represent where his countrymen and their leaders where politically, and what was necessary for accord between the two countries.


With the Middle East in constant turmoil, Daniel Taub’s work was more important than ever for another reason as well. He recognized not only the importance of peace between the Israeli government and the United Kingdom but the global implications. The fact is that Israel and Palestine are still in conflict, remains an ever-present subject in the mind of an ambassador. Taub was interested in the overall vibe towards the Jewish community as well as the degree of anti-Semitism during his tenure with radical groups that threatened his countrymen. Their representation globally was important. Though some still exist, Taub cited an instance in Egyptian television that might indicate a slow change in attitude toward the Jewish community. He believes that this trend will continue. As the sun sets on his time in office, Daniel Taub explained in the article that leaving is bittersweet, but he hopes to continue his diplomatic work in the future.

Louis Chenevert’s Lasting Influence in UTC

You know one is good at what they do when they accomplish in a single year something other people are not able to achieve in their entire career. That is how good Louis Chenevert is at his work. It is the same commitment and passion he laid as the CEO of United Technologies Corporation. The foundation that Mr. Chenevert laid on UTC enabled the company to remain afloat even when many companies in the field failed. His legacy as a great leader lives on years after him resigning from the company.

Louis believed that employees are capable of taking a firm to the next level. He thought it wise to invest in them so that they can have the qualifications to continue being assets. United Technologies Corporation in the United States only spent over one billion dollars to pay for its employees’ education. Over the years more than forty thousand employees have acquired a degree of their choice courtesy of the organization.

Mr. Chenevert joined UTC when he started at the Pratt & Whitney business unit. He became the president of the Pratt & Whitney division and later was appointed the CEO of UTC. Under Louis’ management, the company has accomplished so many big things including but not limited to the acquisition of Goodrich. He also passed his ability to pick projects that have a strong positive influence to the current CEO, Gregory Hayes. Both of them invest highly in companies that have top-notch technologies.

Under Mr. Chenevert, Pratt & Whitney won the contract to manufacture an alternative engine for the US Air Force. UTC also assembles some of the powerful jet engines, and its Sikorsky unit is US most significant manufacturer of helicopters.

About Chenevert

Over the year Louis has received several different recognitions. He was named the person of the year 2011 by the U.S. aviation trade magazine and got the Honor Award from the National Building Museum in 2009. Before joining UTC, Mr. Chenevert was the production general manager of General Motors’ St. Therese operation. Louis attended the Université de Montréal and attained a Bachelor of Commerce in production management. Louis is currently on the Advisory Board at the same university.

David McDonald And OSI Group Continue Down The Road Of Global Growth

David McDonald is playing a significant role in helping OSI Group continue its impressive path of global growth. His experience as an effective team leader and his knowledge of business administration are serving him and OSI Group very well.

David McDonald obtained a degree in Animal Science from Iowa State University. Shortly thereafter he joined OSI Group and has been with them ever since. He has served in several capacities for OSI Group, notably as the company’s project manager. He’s currently the President and Chief Operating Officer.

OSI Group has a strong sustainability program. Their environmental efforts have garnered numerous awards as they aim to minimize their impact on the local landscape. They also engage in determined efforts to increase the use of sustainable raw materials. It doesn’t end with environmental and raw materials concerns, however. They have excellent programs in place to support the health and safety of employees. Their vision and programs for sustainability show their leadership in these critical areas.

David McDonald and OSI Group are sensitive to local concerns that many of their international facilities may have. OSI Group management is spread across the globe in their many locations. As McDonald notes, it’s a marriage of global reach and local management, which enables them to cater to many different cultures.

China is a strong focus for OSI Group as it’s the largest, growing market in the world. The Chinese customer is becoming more affluent as their modern economy continues its rapid development. OSI Group is working hard to keep up with the growth of their Chinese customers and McDonald plays a key role here as well.

Product partnership is an important feature of OSI Group’s business today and in going forward. As consumer tastes grow and develop in a more sophisticated fashion, David McDonald OSI Group has OSI Group well positioned in strategic partnerships to facilitate product development. Early engagement with customers is an important aspect of creating new, successful products which are unuique to the local culture. Working with customers at an early stage helps OSI Group achieve a clear understanding of solutions and concepts important to each client.

The acquisition of Baho Food helps OSI Group streamline their European operations. It adds to their plant capacity and helps address the needs of their European customers more efficiently. Under David McDonald’s leadership, OSI Group continues to grow.

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