Big Things For Elysium Health Anti-Aging Pill in 2017

Elysium Health is a developer and producer of health supplements for a variety of needs. Their particular claim to fame is an Anti-Aging Pill. The company was founded in Florida, but recently has created locations in Silicon Valley, Cambridge and New York. This has given the company a research and development base across the United States. Although founded in 2014, this is a company that took time to grow their startup ideas, making the complete picture much more impressive.

Elysium is an anti-aging startup, one that formed a partnership with the Milner Therapuetics Institute in 2017. With research locations in Cambridge, and investing capital coming from New York, this becomes an internationally funded national development company. The partnership hopes to develop natural products in the field of preventative medicine. The pairing also plans to work on early intervention technologies for chronic diseases and life extension. In these areas of research, Elysium hopes to better understand aging and cognitive health problems. Things look big for E.H. in 2017.

It is a blue pill which claims to keep human beings young. This product has chemical content that extends the lives of worms and mice, now it is being taken into the world of combating aging. In the age of modern youth culture, this is sure to be a hit product on the health market. Which is exactly what Elysium’s investors are shooting for, but what is in Basis?

No other company is expanding the aging horizons like this today. It is a startup of partnerships that are making a big impression both on the U.S. medical industry and the halls of Silicon Valley. E.H. is poised to take on a large market share if this swing of influence in such big communities continues.

This blue colored product contains chemical precursors of nicotinamide adenine dinucleotides, also known as NADs. These compounds are used by cells for metabolic reactions, such as glucose as it releases energy into the body. These have been proven to extend the life of mice, so there are exciting ideas behind using NADs for human anti-aging medicines. With the company Elysium at the forefront, nothing short of big things are expected.