Thor’s Halvorssen- A Reputable Authority in Human Rights Activism

Thor Halvorssen is a Venezuelan-born film producer and human rights advocate. He started his human rights campaign while still in his adolescent years, in 1989. He engaged in his first activity in London, when he organized opposition against apartheid in South Africa. Halvorssen has been dubbed the “Champion of Underdogs” by the New York Times. He is the president of the Human Rights Foundation in New York. He is also the founder of Oslo Freedom Forum, a human rights festival that is almost comparable to the economic forum organized by the Davos foundation.

Halvorseen’s Experience with the Human Rights Foundation

The Human Rights Foundation headed by Halvorseen is dedicated to exposing dictatorship, freeing political prisoners, and promoting tolerance. Thor ventured into full time engagement in due process and human rights when his father was turned into a political prisoner in Venezuela. He formed the Human Rights Foundation after his mother got shot, in 2004, in the middle of a political uprising in Venezuela. The HRF has been involved in protecting free speech and human rights in nations such as China, Vietnam, Cuba, and Venezuela. During the course of its activities, HRF has led to the release of 7 political prisoners and learn more about Thor.

Halvorseen’s Involvement in Politics

Thor Halvorssen has firmly campaigned for Chinese political prisoner, Liu Xiaobo, to be released. Halvorssen is also a fierce critic of Yoweri Museveni, Uganda’s president, particularly due to his legislative efforts to penalize homosexuality with death. Halvorssen has also publicly criticized Anti-Semitism in Venezuela, and the deprivation of individual rights and democracy in Latin America. He has also argued strongly against free speech violations in Panama.

Halvorseen and Film Production

Thor Halvorssen has also distinguished himself in film production. He uses films to depict violations of human rights. Thor produced the film Hammer and Tickle to demonstrate how Russians used satire and jokes to communicate during the Soviet rule, when free speech had been suppressed. Another popular film of Thor’s is the Freedom’s Fury. The film narrates the story of Hungary and the revolt that was organized against dictatorship in 1956.The Sugar Babies is another film that Thor produced to highlight Dominican Republic’s inhumane acts of human trafficking.

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Statement about Upper Mountain Water Quality Released By Squaw Valley

About a year ago, Squaw Valley issued a statement in regards to bacteria (E. Coli and coliform) being detected in the water at the company’s upper mountain site.


The statement provided facts about the situation. In the statement, Squaw Valley mentioned how there was contamination in the upper site’s water because they had to upgrade the water system due to an unusual weather event. The statement continued to say the issue was limited to the upgraded system and no other water systems were affected. The public was never at risk of drinking the contaminated water, according to the company’s statement.


The appropriate agency was contacted after routine testing detected the problem. After the problem was detected, Squaw Valley officials consulted with water safety experts and they worked together to take care of the issue. They also said regular water usage at the upper mountain site wouldn’t return to normal until health officials and experts have assured them that the water was safe.


Squaw Valley said their customers’ safety was important to them and that they took the problem very seriously. They added that they take all safety issues at their resort very seriously. They also said that they would provide their guests with free bottled water and they would continue to provide the water until the water issue was fully resolved. The free bottled water would only be given to guests at the upper mountain site.


Squaw Valley assured their guests that they would be updated as soon as they learn when the issue has been resolved.


Mike Baur: A Businessman Helping Other Businesses

Startups are nowadays becoming the new craze, with every second person having a dream of starting their company. To think about it, why wouldn’t it be the route that people would ideally take anyway? Everyone wants to be their own boss at the end of the day. Mike Baur was one such person who too saw the appeal in starting his company. An entrepreneur at heart, he was able to establish his own business and successfully run his company. But in the process of starting his business venture, he realized the numerous hardships that one has to face when it comes to establishing one’s own business. For starters, having a good plan was something that is essential to knowing what steps to take towards creating your own business. But Mike realized that these little details that can make a business successful are often skipped by some, solely because they may not have the right tools or guidance to lead them on the right path to make themselves a success.


That’s when the idea of establishing the Swiss Startup Factory came to him. He soon realized the need in the industry for proper guidance and direction for entrepreneurs to take. The company was designed with the sole purpose of helping other smaller businesses develop and to give them the right tools for their growth. Catered towards people who want to start their business but are a little shaky on the how-to, the Swiss Startup Factory is the perfect place. The company believes in assisting their clients every step– of the way to ensure that they get their money’s worth out of the services that the Swiss Startup Factory provides. The company has employed a considerable amount of people to come and work for them to assist all the business owners that walk through their doors. The Swiss Startup Factory ensures that their employees are proficient and can give their clients the right guidance as per what they would need. Mike Baur has a business model in place for his company, so that it is not just them who benefits, but the customers coming to them as well.


With his incredible entrepreneurial spirit, Mike made a name for himself in the world of business. He is known as a notable person with an extremely high level of knowledge when it comes to the finer details of running a successful company.

Omar and Sam Boraie Make A Positive Difference In New Brunswick

In 1972 Omar Boraie came to the United States from Egypt. At that time he was focussed on chemistry. Omar Boraie settled in New Brunswick, New Jersey and something told him that developing in New Brunswick would be a worthwhile venture. He also saw a lot of potential in cities and towns in other parts of the state. It became obvious that chemistry wasn’t his only passion and talent.

When Omar first saw New Brunswick it looked like a city ready to fail. People were leaving. But he decided to embark on a project that a lot of people doubted and, in fact, thought he was crazy to take on. He bought up some land there and proceeded to build a 250,000 square foot office and retail high rise building in the downtown area. It’s called Albany Street Plaza Tower One. He later built tower two which was completed in 2003, reports NJ Biz. But before he took on the second tower he built some impressive condominiums, both high end and affordable. There have been lots of other development ventures in the area since too. Many people feel that Boraie is responsible for saving New Brunswick. He doesn’t take all of the credit though. The president of Johnson & Johnson, Dick Sellers, also deserves some of the credit says Boraie. Even when New Brunswick looked like it was dying Sellers decided to keep the company’s roots in New Brunswick. Boraie also mentions Rutgers University’s determination to keep New Brunswick going. Another success, The Aspire, a luxury high rise apartment building was completed in 2015.

Seeing how successful he was as a developer, Boraie began to seek projects in other parts in the state such as Newark and Atlantic City as well. He is now in his mid-seventies and his two sons, Sam and Waseem, are also very involved in the work of Boraie Development. They aren’t just developing real estate either. The Boraie family is involved in several philanthropic concerns as well.

Omar Boarie recently donated $1.5 million to the Rutgers Cancer Institute, reports This endowment prompted the University to establish the Omar Boraie Chair in Genomic Science. This donation will be matched anonymously which will amount to $3 million for this chair and the same amount for each of the seventeen remaining in Rutger’s “18 Chair Challenge” campaign will work the same way. Omar’s passion for chemistry and his desire to make New Brunswick the “Healthcare City” might have made this donation an easy choice for him.

Omar’s son Sam is also very involved in charity work. Sam Boraie is a trustee of the State Theater in New Brunswick and a generous supporter of the theater’s educational and artistic programs. Boraie Development helped sponsor the Free Summer Movie Series in 2016. He is also very involved with an charity called Elijah’s Promise. This organization’s goals include fighting hunger, helping people obtain sustainable employment and the creation of businesses that promote social causes. Sam Boraie is also on the board of directors of Elijah’s Promise.

USHEALTH Group – An Insurance Provider That Cares

USHEALTH Group is a group of companies which offer health insurance cover to Americans. It’s a business entity that has been in operation for more than 50 years and one that operates on the principle of all inclusivity. Through this principle, the group seeks to provide quality health insurance to everyone regardless of your socioeconomic status or any other dynamic.

USHEALTH Group’s objective

USHEALTH Group’s main aim is to provide health insurance coverage that is affordable and tailored to meet clients’ individual needs. The group’s constituent companies continuously seek ways of providing clients with flexible, affordable, and secure health. policies. This being, innovation is a key defining factor of each and every one of the companies. The group also provides life assurance coverage in addition to health coverage.

Policies offered by USHEALTH Group

As aforementioned, the renowned US insurance group seeks to provide client-tailored insurance policies. This makes it a suitable option for those in need of a specific medical cover and not just general health cover.

Below is a list of some of the health and life policies offered by the group:

Disease and accidents insurance

Dental coverage

Life assurance

Critical illness coverage

Short term accident disability coverage

Vision insurance coverage

The policies above are further divided into other client-oriented sections.

The group’s mission

USHEALTH Group is guided by a simple but powerful mission which is acronymed H.O.P.E. This stands for “Helping other people everyday”. The company indeed lives up to this slogan. It seeks to help ordinary Americans by providing them with affordable health and life policies that meet their needs as well as those of their family members. Not only this, it also offers reliable policies which you can by all means count on in your time of need. It is certainly a perfect example of a business entity that works for good of the American people.

How Online Reputation Management Helps Your Business To Grow

The reputation your business has gained over the years determines what it will achieve in coming years. If the journey has been marred by challenges and bad press, there is high likelihood the business will be losing many customers due to the bad mentions. The online market is dynamic and a slight mistake can be shared across all networks within minutes. Transacting online is also one of the best ideas for a business since the market is huge and there are millions of customers looking for the kind of products you stock.

To keep your online reputation in check, you need to first work on your social media presence. Let as many people as possible understand your business and its offerings. You should also wok on creating a huge fan base on social sites like Facebook. Once you share interesting information they can share to their followers and friends, who in turn are likely to join your page. There are many benefits that come with a good online reputation that you can reap through social media.

Increased visibility

Having more exposure is a good thing for a business and works by boosting its reputation. There are many people who don’t know about your business but through positive press they can come to terms with the kind of items you deal in. Always share information that is interesting and engage less marketing because it may become too cliché to some people. First work on getting a huge fan base. All these can be achieved if the business builds a god reputation through an online reputation management strategy.

More sales

Once the business gets many followers, you can have your products and services viewed by many people, which translates to higher chances of them ordering the products you stock. People trust a well-reputed business and will not doubt the quality of all the products shared, so once you manage to build a solid reputation, your business will be in a good position to connect with more customers and make more sales in the process. Therefore, having an online reputation management strategy is a necessary idea that one should never ignore.