The Richard Mishaan Design Has Always Been a Pacesetter in Interior Décor and Design

Richard Mishaan Design is one of the world leading interior design firms in the industry. The New York-based company has been in the industry for more than two decades. The founder of the business is Richard Mishaan, who is a renowned designer. He also works as the chief designer for the firm. The Richard Mishaan Design firm offers three categories of services namely architecture, interior design, and landscape. It has also extended its services to include branding and marketing. Its high-end designs attract clients of high caliber in hospitality, residential, and commercial industries.


Cartagena Home Project


Richard Mishaan Design has worked on numerous projects that have a breath-taking result. One such project is his Cartagena home. What makes it the favorite are the high-end designs that are used in the decorations. They include Mishaan’s designed neutral furniture, Colombian objects, and colorful ikats. The interiors are also made of old Brazilian wood. His ability to change the rooms from small to larger sizes when he bought the property is also commendable. Richard Mishaan Design has always endeavored to give the best to its clients. It has learned over the years to contextualize the customers’ needs to ensure that they are fully satisfied. Another winning trait for the firm is the ability to hold itself from imposing its ideas on the client. It rather goes with what the customer wants while giving its professional advice.


Awards and Books Authored


The Richard Mishaan Design has been recognized internationally. The firm has always been in the A-list of the AD 100 and Elle Décor. Richard Mishaan, the principal designer of the company, has always endeavored to share his knowledge in décor with other people. He has authored two books that detail the modern way of doing interior décor. They also entail his belief in combining art and good furniture to come up with an exquisite interior décor. These books include the Modern Luxury and Artfully Modern.

Bob Reina Introduces video Marketing Solution

On an article posted by PRNewswire on April, 26th, 2017, the CEO and Founder of Talk Fusion, Bob Reina publishes 2 new articles in one week on Huffpost. Based in Florida, Talk Fusion is a video marketing company. The first article by Reina was titled Promoting with purpose and How to Understand Your Audience. This article went live on the 24th of April, 2017 just one day before the renaming of The Huffington Post to Huffpost. The second article written by Reina was titled How to thrive In a Society of Quitters. After changing its name as well as its mission, the Huffpost is committed to telling stories of individuals who are not included in the conversation. Learn more:

According to Lydia Polgreen who is the Editor-in-Chief at Huffpost, the initiatives of Huffpost resonate with the mission of Bob Reina as a contributor and company figurehead of Talk Fusion. Bob Reina stated that he strongly believes in the art of innovation and that the growth of a brand is never complete. Both a philanthropist and leader, Reina aims to set individuals up for success regardless of their location in the world or even their back story. Since August 2016, Bob Reina has been serving as a contributor at Huffpost. He highlights on video and marketing technology trends, entrepreneurship, self development, skillful selling as well as lifestyle. Bob Reina hopes to continue sharing more articles that are insightful to his customers at Talk Fusion and the more than 200 million readers of Huffpost.

Talk Fusion is a video marketing company that is committed to assisting businesses thrive amongst competitors, increase profits and sales as well as keeping their clients coming back. The company provides dynamic ways of making marketing more memorable, persuasive and engaging with video. Independent Associates market the innovative products of Talk Fusion at a person-to-person level. With its presence in over 140 nations, Talk Fusion was started in 2007 by Bob Reina. The marketing company offers its customers a 30-day free trial on their all-in-one Video Marketing Solution so that customers can try it out before purchasing. Talk Fusion has employed a team of dedicated and qualified staff who has the ability to offer personalized services to each client.

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Alfonso de Angoitia Noriega Is A Media Mogul

Alfonso de Angoitia Noriega is the Director as well as Executive V.P. of Grupo Televisa, S.A. This is the biggest media company in Spain. Besides, he is well-informed about the global trends.

This is why he has just bought a property in Manhattan. It has cost him $16.5 million. It is a corner apartment that comprises of 10 rooms. It is located in the Fifth Avenue. Also, Alfonso de Angoitia Noriega has paid in full for the apartment. This apartment was listed with Serena Boardman, who is Sotheby’s broker.

This apartment was sold by Laurie Rudey. She is the wife of John M. Rudey who is a timber tycoon. The apartment above this one was sold by Thomas and Diana Smith for $15.5 million.

This new apartment of Alfonso de Angoitia Noriega overlooks the Metropolitan Museum as well as the Park. In fact, there are such impressive vistas which can be viewed that no one needs to go for any sightseeing.

This apartment is also known for its big and beautiful windows. In fact, the owners had to fight a lawsuit in order to be allowed to keep these aluminum windows. This was a lawsuit that was fought in the early 1990s by the Rudeys against the Landmarks Preservation Commission.

Another feature of this apartment is that it is located right next to another Mexican media as well as telecommunications mogul, Carlos Slim. His mansion, the Duke Semans, is close by. His mansion was bought in 2010 for $44 million. It is fancier and hence maybe the next aspiration for Alfonso de Angoitia Noriega.

He is currently serving as the financial brain of Televisa as he is holding the post of CFO there. He is among the 4 most important executives there. His experience lies in working with several foods as well as telecommunications industries.

Alfonso de Angoitia Noriega loves dogs. Presently, he is living with his wife and two children. He loves New York and visits it very often. This is why anything that he does attracts a lot of attention from the people in the media.


Jason Hope on the Future of Philanthropy

Jason Hope, the entrepreneur and noted futurist, recently sat down with to highlight what the Internet has in store for the future of humanity. Unlike some of his contemporaries, Jason Hope has developed a positive outlook on how the Internet can impact society and significantly improve the lives of many people from around the globe.

Put simply, by having devices that can seamlessly connect with one another, Hope believes that globalization will help bolster efficiency and improve people’s quality of life. One of the main components of this argument hinges on the fact that corporations are investing in Internet-based technologies now more than ever, and if companies wish to stay competitive in the future, they’ll need to be aggressive about incorporating the Internet into their devices today. This push for greater connectivity has real world applications as well, as evidenced by the consistent improvement of healthcare, public transportation, and other utilities that people deal with on a daily basis.

For his part, Hope has been investing heavily in the digital tech industry for many years. As per his belief in its transformative properties for the world, Hope has poured a considerable amount of resources into developing mobile apps and other tools that are designed to improve people’s lives and learn more about Jason.

As an Arizona-based entrepreneur, Hope is uniquely suited to help deal with problems that face both urban and rural markets. By investing in digital technologies, which have obvious and immediate benefits for large groups of people in urban centers, Hope has also looked for ways to apply these same advances to areas that aren’t as easily connected to the rest of the world. Through his work with, Hope has highlighted how better digital tools can save lives in rural areas, by improving GPS tracking speeds and emergency vehicle response times and Jason’s lacrosse camp.

Although the future can never be certain, at least it’s clear that entrepreneurs like Jason Hope are here to help center the focus of the digital revolution on improving people’s lives rather than a company’s bottom line and more information click here.

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Dick DeVos Leads in Philanthropy and Leadership in Business

Dick DeVos has been a target of increased criticisms and attention for their generous and astronomical political donations together with his wife, Betsy DeVos. Their charitable gifts of $139 million surpassed the political donations. 2015 reports indicate that Dick DeVos donated $ 11.6 million to charity, which is double their political contribution for the last five years.


The couple’s family has been part of the Republican politics for many decades now, a tradition they wish to continue as a family dynasty. The senior DeVos also gave out a whopping $104 million to charity in 2015, seeing the DeVos’ entire family ranked 24th by Forbes on America’s Top Givers List.


The estimation by Forbes is that the available data shows the family has invested a quarter of their $5.2 billion fortune to charity, or in value, 1.33 billion. Dick DeVos’ wife, Betsy DeVos comes from a politically wealthy family back in Holland. The family is well-known for charity giving.


Dick’s main areas of interests

The philanthropy exhibited by Dick and Betsy shows that education is a priority. They are reported to have allotted $3million in 2015 to causes in education alone. That makes their education contributions that year to stand at 26 %.


Arts and Culture come next for the family’s interests. They donated $2.4 million to arts, which stood at 21 % of their 2015 donations. DeVos had initially given $22million to University of Maryland, mainly meant to establish the DeVos Institute of Management. The same was achieved by the support provided to Michael Kaiser’s art organizations.


DeVos commitment to leadership

The DeVos family is committed to fostering leadership empowerment and development. The initiative has been achieved by the donation given to Chicago church, Willow Creek, which received $1 million in 2013.They also funded the church’s international leadership summit where philanthropist Melinda Gates was a guest too.


Demonstration of leadership and business acumen

DeVos was trained as a helicopter pilot under the Harvard and Wharton program. He started work at Amway Corporation in 1974 and played key roles in various divisions. Ten years later he was appointed the vice president, with the primary roles being to oversee business operations in 18 countries. Many new markets were opened under his leadership, and the total foreign sales tripled exceeding the domestic sales.


Dick left when the corporation had grown to 50 % of the total annual profits. He rejoined Amway in 1993 as the president after leaving Orlando Magic as the vice president and CEO. Dick DeVos left to succeed his father who was retiring. He has proven to be a success in business and leadership.


David McDonald And OSI Group Continue Down The Road Of Global Growth

David McDonald is playing a significant role in helping OSI Group continue its impressive path of global growth. His experience as an effective team leader and his knowledge of business administration are serving him and OSI Group very well.

David McDonald obtained a degree in Animal Science from Iowa State University. Shortly thereafter he joined OSI Group and has been with them ever since. He has served in several capacities for OSI Group, notably as the company’s project manager. He’s currently the President and Chief Operating Officer.

OSI Group has a strong sustainability program. Their environmental efforts have garnered numerous awards as they aim to minimize their impact on the local landscape. They also engage in determined efforts to increase the use of sustainable raw materials. It doesn’t end with environmental and raw materials concerns, however. They have excellent programs in place to support the health and safety of employees. Their vision and programs for sustainability show their leadership in these critical areas.

David McDonald and OSI Group are sensitive to local concerns that many of their international facilities may have. OSI Group management is spread across the globe in their many locations. As McDonald notes, it’s a marriage of global reach and local management, which enables them to cater to many different cultures.

China is a strong focus for OSI Group as it’s the largest, growing market in the world. The Chinese customer is becoming more affluent as their modern economy continues its rapid development. OSI Group is working hard to keep up with the growth of their Chinese customers and McDonald plays a key role here as well.

Product partnership is an important feature of OSI Group’s business today and in going forward. As consumer tastes grow and develop in a more sophisticated fashion, David McDonald OSI Group has OSI Group well positioned in strategic partnerships to facilitate product development. Early engagement with customers is an important aspect of creating new, successful products which are unuique to the local culture. Working with customers at an early stage helps OSI Group achieve a clear understanding of solutions and concepts important to each client.

The acquisition of Baho Food helps OSI Group streamline their European operations. It adds to their plant capacity and helps address the needs of their European customers more efficiently. Under David McDonald’s leadership, OSI Group continues to grow.

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CEO of Nabors Industries Tony Petrello Continually on the Rise

Anthony or Tony, Petrello, serves as the CEO of oil and drilling giant Nabors Industries Ltd. His path to that position has been one of accomplished success and read full article.

Petrello originally attended Yale University where he received a Bachelors and a Masters degree in Mathematics. He then went on to each a J.D. degree from Harvard Law School. After that, Tony Petrello joined prestigious law firm Baker & McKenzie. The firm focused on general corporate law as well as international arbitration and taxation. He was promoted to serve as the firm’s Managing Partner for their New York office – a very prominent position that he held from 1986 until 1991, when he chose to work with Nabors industries.

He has seen phenomenal success at Nabors Industries, serving as the company’s President and Chief Operating Office for a full two decades, from 1991 to 2011. He also serves as Deputy Chairman since 2004 and Chairman of the Board since June of 2012. He currently serves as the company’s Chief Executive Office. Continually, Petrello helps fuel the company’s success by utilizing his experience to guide strategic planning, which allows the company to stay on the cutting edge of innovation and planning in the competitive environment of oil and gas drilling.

For those that may not be familiar with Nabors, the company specializes in the world’s finest gas and oil drilling equipment. They also provide services to some of the largest drilling areas across the globe. They work with 20 different companies around the world and are known for being on the cutting edge of both product and market innovation as well as technology in the oil and gas industries. The company also touts a highly skilled workforce to accompany their line of drilling equipment and learn more about Tony.

Additionally, Petrello is a member of the Board of Trustees for Texas Children’s Hospital, where he utilized his experience to help power clinical research programs to aide kids that are suffering for neurological disorders. In that role he works passionate to drive innovation for these children. He is the director of Steward & Stevensen and of Hilcorp Energy and Tony’s lacrosse camp.

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Marc Sparks: Working To Help Entrepreneurs To Succeed

When Marc Sparks was in high school in Austin, Texas, he was barely able to maintain a ‘C’ average. However, that has not prevented him from becoming a successful entrepreneur and a very generous philanthropist. In a business career the spans more than 4 decades, Sparks has founded and run dozens of companies and generated hundreds of millions of dollars in income. But it has not always been easy. Marc Sparks had lots of struggles to overcome. He credits God for helping him to make his life a success and it has motivated him to share his good fortune with has many people as possible.


And Sparks has been helping others for a very long time. He has been providing help to the homeless at the Samaritan House in Dallas, Texas. The organization houses about 160 residents. The residents are provided with health programs, job placement, financial education, family services and counseling. On average, residents remain at the Samaritan House for five months before getting a place of their own. He has also provided more than 1000 computers to at-risk youth through Sparky’s Kids, his non-profit organization. Sparks also works with the American Can! Academy for high school kids and volunteers with Habitat for Humanity and many other non-profit groups.Learn more :


One of the many companies Marc Sparks founded was Timber Creek Capital. The company had provided venture capital to numerous start-up companies. Two of the companies in which he made significant capital investments were Cardinal Telecon LLC and Blue Jay Wireless, two cell phone companies. He also offered business planning, strategy, expert insight and funds and created a variety of businesses including a software company, several restaurants, an auto insurance company, GlobalTec Solutions, Splash Media, Reliant Healthcare, Agency Matrix, Cobalt Real Estate Services, Uncle Marc Food Delivery and many others.


Marc Sparks credits his success to his focus, faith, savvy monetization, passion, tenacity, a sense of urgency and the grace of God. His love for mentoring budding entrepreneurs has moved him to create a business incubator to provide many of them with capital, office space, support staff, equipment and help with accounting, marketing, legal issues, web development, customer service and more. He has been instrumental in helping many new businesses to succeed. He has also helped the entrepreneurs to navigate the complex path to success with which they are faced.Learn more :


To help as many budding entrepreneurs as possible, Marc Sparks has written a book called ‘They Can’t Eat You‘. In it he shares the many struggles he had to overcome. It contains pearls of wisdom and is designed to inspire entrepreneurs to follow their dreams no matter the obstacles they face. It can be a very valuable resource for entrepreneurs.

Eric Lefkofsky is Promoting Technology in Healthcare

Doctors knew that very little information on cancer is available to them. But there was not much that they could have done about it. This is because there are a lot of cancer patients all across the country. Still, no comprehensive data is available about them in one place. This impacted the doctors as they had no access to any data to provide them information regarding a treatment plan or any other similar issue. But this was impacting the cancer patients the maximum.

Eric Lefkofsky had this realization when his wife was diagnosed with breast cancer. This was when he started looking for more information with regard to cancer diagnosis. He realized that there was hardly any data or analysis available that was related to cancer or its treatment.

Hence Eric Lefkofsky had the idea of an operating platform that could collate data from across the country on patients who were suffering from cancer. This is the way Tempus was founded. Eric Lefkofsky also added an analyzing service here. This would analyze the treatment plans, along with the drugs being administered as well as the genetic makeup of patients. This way a variety of treatment options were made available to the doctors. They could pick and choose whatever they wanted as per their particular patient.

Any doctor who wanted to change any drug for a particular patient could now check its impact on some other patient who may have had a similar medical condition as well as genetic makeup. The doctor would know the impact besides the side effects of that drug without even administering it to their patient. Hence it can be a real blessing as the doctor as well as the patient will be prepared for the possible outcomes beforehand and learn more about Eric.

Eric Lefkofsky is excited with his venture as he has brought in technology for treating cancer. This kind of combining technology along with health care will benefit the patients immensely.

Tempus is privately held and operated. Thus Eric Lefkofsky is not answerable to any shareholders since it is a private company. Tempus is a personal business for Eric Lefkofsky, and he has aligned each part of his family to it and more information click here.

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Securus Technologies Keeping Officers Safe on the Street

I work on a task force that is responsible for bringing escaped inmates back to the jail. The biggest issue that we have to deal with on a regular basis is that most of these inmates have nothing to lose when they are out on the streets. If they escaped and were facing life or worse, then on the street taking another life means nothing to these escapees.


In addition to being extremely careful while we hunt these criminals, we need to rely on accurate information because we have to get one step ahead of the suspect or we are putting many civilians in the line of fire if this suspect is not found quickly. When we get tips, we have to follow up on them, no matter how wild or extreme they may seem.


To that point, many criminals have a network protecting them that will call the police and make false sighting reports in an effort to keep the scent off the suspect. This can slow down our progress and make for a very frustrating pursuit.


At the local jail, Securus Technologies had installed a new inmate communication that was allowing officers to get back control of the jails, and they had a software that was going to make our job easier.


The covert alert feature that we used in the new software is invaluable in tracking down these inmates. They have to use the phones to call their family, friends, or gang members. Now we can use that software to pick up on unique conversations that are helping to point out who is helping and where the inmate is going next.


This year already I have closed 3 cold cases thanks to the covert alert feature and we hope to break all sorts of record in captures this year.