The Hawaiian Natural Resource: Waiakea Water

Water flowing down hills or mountains are a sight to behold; some of the world’s best natural scenery. Besides the importance of water cannot be undermined it brings life and the major component in the universe. How about the Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water that is packaged in beautiful packs while the contents are healthy and refreshing. Waiakea is making a major stride as it premiers in the use of TimePlast, which is 100% RPET, Recyclable and whose lifespan is about 15 years implying that it could be degradable.

The founder and Chief Executive Officer, Ryan Emmons says the initial plan to use TimePlast have been thwarted by scientific research that primarily put focus on how to make plastic better and more tensile. In addition they did look at making plastic degradable which made nano-degradation of plastic a far-fetched idea. This plastic component can be chemically induced to quickened degradation through converting it to a carbon wax which can naturally rot away.

Ryan Emmons emphasizes that it was difficult to disintegrate a component 98% and still maintain its material components. Similarly, the United States Patent and Trademark Office had not legalized the patented addictive for the nano-degradation of plastic. Cost is insignificant since it application is low-cost which basically will change the CPG industry globally. The TimePlast plastic bottle are resilient, have low melting point and density.

About Waiakea Water

It is a water bottling company based in Hawaii. The water is naturally harnessed from the Hawaiian volcano whose water is rich in taste and mineral potent. Despite its local packaging and bottling process, it sell water overseas in the United States.

Ryan Emmons as the founder of this water company saw it wise to develop a product unique from other mineral water companies. The volcano would be the prime deposits of healthy and premium water. Besides the water is packaged in a recyclable yet degradable bottle which is environmental friendly.

This is one of Emmons’ sustainable alternatively. It has grown in popularity and demand since the Waiakea’s establishment in 2012. It customers who are timid about purchasing water due to healthy issues have found this an all time beverage. It Ph is between 7.8 and 8.8, 10mg of silica and has calcium, magnesium, potassium and sodium electrolytes.