Hussain Sajwani: the Real Estate Guru behind the Success of the DAMAC Group

Hussain Sajwani is a world-renowned real estate guru and the founder of the DAMAC Group. His success story is one not often heard, but like many others, it is a story of hard work, discipline and resilience even in the most difficult circumstances.

He began out in the food industry in 1980s when he started a catering company that served energy sector workers in Abu Dhabi. The company grew and soon started getting contracts from the US army during the Iraq war in the early 1990s.

Hussain Sajwani realized that the company had reached its peak and could not grow any further, but he wanted more. This is what led him to join the real estate industry in 2002 when he founded the DAMAC Group in Dubai.

The DAMAC Group

The company caught on in the real estate industry very quickly under Hussain’s able leadership. Within a few years of its establishment, it was building world-class buildings that sold like hotcakes.

Thanks to his business acumen, Hussain foresaw the 2008 real estate crisis, and the company was able to take the appropriate measures to ensure it stayed in business.

The DAMAC Group is doing exceptionally well and now operates on a global scale. Some of the company’s areas of specialty include residential and commercial property development and investment in real estate projects. Learn more about DAMAC owner: and

According to NBC News, Sajwani Hussain’s business networks led him to the current U.S. president, Donald Trump, who is also a real estate titan. The two met long before Mr. Trump was elected president of the U.S. and have completed several real estate projects together.

One of these is a huge golf course project in the U.S. Their relationship transcends just business; they have become close friends. In fact, the Hussain family and the Trump family are now very good friends. However, Hussain Sajwani has no involvement whatsoever in politics.


Hussain Sajwani’s discipline and commitment to excellence are the reason behind his success and the DAMAC’s Group excellent performance. He also cares about the welfare of the community and is involved in various philanthropic projects, both individually and through the DAMAC Group.

The DAMAC Group is bound to keep growing and conquering new markets with Hussain Sajwani at the helm.

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An In-depth Look at the Best Ninja Anime Movies


Ninja anime movies are loved by many for the discipline levels displayed by their characters. They are based on assassination missions where the main characters attack the target in a well-orchestrated deadly move. The weaponry used in ninja anime movies appear simple but are sophisticated in their own way. They include, among others, Shuriken, Kunai, and Blow darts. Below are some of the top three most recent ninja anime movies.


Naruto Shippuden


Naruto Shippuden has been airing since 2002. It is characterized by long fighting sessions where shuriken and kunai weapons are used. The movie revolves around Naruto Uzumaki, a young boy who was rejected by his people for being abnormal. He later learns ninja skills and together with his friends, Sakura and Sasuke, they embark on a mission of charting their courses in life.




Basilisk aired from April to September 2015. It combines fighting scenes and love scenes, making it complicated in a good way. The movie revolved around an embattled kingdom in which two clans, the Kouga and the Iga, have a historical grudge between themselves. A wise king, Tokugawa Shogunate, rises to power and manages to foster peace between the two warring clans. When the king’s son succeeds him, war erupts again after a failed consensus of who among the former king’s grandsons will assume power from his son. The movie meets all thresholds for a fantastic film.


Nabari no Ou


Nabari no Ou aired between April and March 2008. It revolves around Rokojou Miharu, a school boy who is careless and bored by everything around him, including his life. Unknown to him, the boy has a special Shinrabanshou Jutsu condition. One of his classmates and a teacher are aware of this, and they coerce the young boy to join their clan ninjas. What ensues is a very exciting and breathtaking movie.

Thor’s Halvorssen- A Reputable Authority in Human Rights Activism

Thor Halvorssen is a Venezuelan-born film producer and human rights advocate. He started his human rights campaign while still in his adolescent years, in 1989. He engaged in his first activity in London, when he organized opposition against apartheid in South Africa. Halvorssen has been dubbed the “Champion of Underdogs” by the New York Times. He is the president of the Human Rights Foundation in New York. He is also the founder of Oslo Freedom Forum, a human rights festival that is almost comparable to the economic forum organized by the Davos foundation.

Halvorseen’s Experience with the Human Rights Foundation

The Human Rights Foundation headed by Halvorseen is dedicated to exposing dictatorship, freeing political prisoners, and promoting tolerance. Thor ventured into full time engagement in due process and human rights when his father was turned into a political prisoner in Venezuela. He formed the Human Rights Foundation after his mother got shot, in 2004, in the middle of a political uprising in Venezuela. The HRF has been involved in protecting free speech and human rights in nations such as China, Vietnam, Cuba, and Venezuela. During the course of its activities, HRF has led to the release of 7 political prisoners and learn more about Thor.

Halvorseen’s Involvement in Politics

Thor Halvorssen has firmly campaigned for Chinese political prisoner, Liu Xiaobo, to be released. Halvorssen is also a fierce critic of Yoweri Museveni, Uganda’s president, particularly due to his legislative efforts to penalize homosexuality with death. Halvorssen has also publicly criticized Anti-Semitism in Venezuela, and the deprivation of individual rights and democracy in Latin America. He has also argued strongly against free speech violations in Panama.

Halvorseen and Film Production

Thor Halvorssen has also distinguished himself in film production. He uses films to depict violations of human rights. Thor produced the film Hammer and Tickle to demonstrate how Russians used satire and jokes to communicate during the Soviet rule, when free speech had been suppressed. Another popular film of Thor’s is the Freedom’s Fury. The film narrates the story of Hungary and the revolt that was organized against dictatorship in 1956.The Sugar Babies is another film that Thor produced to highlight Dominican Republic’s inhumane acts of human trafficking.

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