Mike Baur: A Businessman Helping Other Businesses

Startups are nowadays becoming the new craze, with every second person having a dream of starting their company. To think about it, why wouldn’t it be the route that people would ideally take anyway? Everyone wants to be their own boss at the end of the day. Mike Baur was one such person who too saw the appeal in starting his company. An entrepreneur at heart, he was able to establish his own business and successfully run his company. But in the process of starting his business venture, he realized the numerous hardships that one has to face when it comes to establishing one’s own business. For starters, having a good plan was something that is essential to knowing what steps to take towards creating your own business. But Mike realized that these little details that can make a business successful are often skipped by some, solely because they may not have the right tools or guidance to lead them on the right path to make themselves a success.


That’s when the idea of establishing the Swiss Startup Factory came to him. He soon realized the need in the industry for proper guidance and direction for entrepreneurs to take. The company was designed with the sole purpose of helping other smaller businesses develop and to give them the right tools for their growth. Catered towards people who want to start their business but are a little shaky on the how-to, the Swiss Startup Factory is the perfect place. The company believes in assisting their clients every step– of the way to ensure that they get their money’s worth out of the services that the Swiss Startup Factory provides. The company has employed a considerable amount of people to come and work for them to assist all the business owners that walk through their doors. The Swiss Startup Factory ensures that their employees are proficient and can give their clients the right guidance as per what they would need. Mike Baur has a business model in place for his company, so that it is not just them who benefits, but the customers coming to them as well.


With his incredible entrepreneurial spirit, Mike made a name for himself in the world of business. He is known as a notable person with an extremely high level of knowledge when it comes to the finer details of running a successful company.